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Don’t tell me WordPress is slow. Improve your code.

There’s a lot of push for headless WordPress, or converting over to static site generators. Whereas they are nice, and they have their place, they’re not always needed. Instead of putting the effort into something new, why not optimize what you have? I have done just that and Lighthouse shows my scores are all excellent. […]

TwisterMc BeaverBuilder Modules Fixed & New Additions

Imagine my surprise when I went to use my BeaverBuilder modules plugin and things were completely broken. Not sure what went wrong but the code was really messed and no one noticed; either that or they just didn’t tell me. Good news though, it’s been fixed! Slick Slider actually works like it’s supposed to with […]

GiveWP Beaver Builder Modules

If you’re running Beaver Builder and have GiveWP for donations, there’s a great plugin to integrate the two. BB Connect for Give Donations adds three new modules to Beaver Builder. Donation FormEasily add donation forms including settings for how the form displays; show on page, reveal on click, popup on click, or button only. Donation […]

Back to the Future – WordCamp Minneapolis St Paul 2018 Presentation #wcmsp

Here’s the presentation deck from my WordCamp Minneapolis St Paul 2018 presentation. Below is the text version that pretty much covers what I said. We often get distracted by the new things we can do with our sites. Sure, it’s easy to add in new features, but do we really need them? Let’s take a step […]

How to Properly Link to an Address on the Web

Ever link an address to a map service? What did you do? Probably just Googled it, copied the link, and pasted it into your phone. Well, that’ll work for some people, but not all. You’re actually creating a big hurdle for the millions of iOS users who don’t have Google Maps on their devices or […]

Google AMP Flexible Height Carousels

If you’re trying out Google AMP, chances are you’ll want to add a carousel to your site. The good news is they are pretty easy to do. The bad news is that you can’t create flexible height carousels. Google AMP is a great idea, but the more you use it, the more you realize it […]

Bringing Slick to Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is a great WordPres page builder, but the default carousels aren’t that amazing. That’s why I decided to build out a Slick slider module. Currently, the Slick module is in the very early stages. I really need a project where I can use it and really dedicate time to developing it. Until then, […]

How to mass remove URLs from Google quickly.

Google indexes everything it finds and sometimes it finds things that it shouldn’t. Google has a nice removal tool that temporarily removes URLs from Google and this is actually really good when you want something out rather quickly. In my experiences, it remove pages from Google Search within 24 hours. The downside to Google’s removal tool is […]

It’s time to clean up your WordPress database.

When’s the last time you cleaned up your WordPress blog’s database? Over time, things build up that you don’t see, but can cause performance issues. The good news is that it’s easy to clean up. I use the Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions plugin and it works beautifully. Granted, always make a backup first just in […]

Accelerated Mobile Pages are simple to setup in WordPress.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (or AMP) are the latest way in which Google and others are trying to make the web faster. Turns out, the more features you add to a site, the slower it gets. Since no-one wants to simplify their website, AMP pages were born. They’re a stripped down version of your website that […]