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Nerd Memories – Zip Disks

When I was in college we had Iomega Zip and Jazz disks! I still have some around here with files on them. I keep thinking that someday I’ll get those files off them. However, that someday will never come. image via

JetPack monitors your WordPress site in real time to ensure it’s online.

Want to know if your site goes down? I do. That way I can get it back online ASAP. I’ve been researching site monitoring services lately and most will check a site every 15-30 minutes unless you pay. 30 minutes before an alert is way to long. If you run WordPress, you can get your […]

Testing Out Nginx, WordPress & Varnish

If you’ve been reading my blog, or following me on Twitter, than you know I’m now managing my own server and I’m having some issues. It’s not this site, it’s a different one. I’ve tried a lot of things to make the site better and it seems better, but will sill randomly run out of […]

Disabling WordPress’ Heartbeat & Cron To Save CPU

Update: It’s not heartbeat and cron, it’s your server. My journey down running my own server has hit a snag. It seems my machine likes to spike to 100% CPU and get stuck there until I force restart it. So I’ve been digging. One of the ideas I came across was disabling WordPress’ heartbeat. It […]

How to add GIT to a project with existing files.

Here is the code I use to add GIT to an existing project. git init git remote add origin GITURL touch .gitignore (optional see below) git add -A git commit -m ‘first commit’ git push If you try to clone a GIT repository to a folder with existing files, GIT will be unhappy as the […]

Nerd Problems: Letting a domain go is difficult.

Ever try to let a domain expire? It’s hard. Every instinct in me says to keep it; well except for the part that has to pay for it. Over the years I’ve created many sites and registered many domains. After a while I stopped updating sites as I had too many, then I combined a […]

Why does web design and development take so long?

As a web developer, I often talk to clients who don’t understand why it takes so long to build out their website. The answer is that you don’t fully understand how much work has to go into building a website and how many steps are actually involved. I’ve been working on a new version of […]