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Nerd Problems: Letting a domain go is difficult.

Expired Stamp

Ever try to let a domain expire? It’s hard. Every instinct in me says to keep it; well except for the part that has to pay for it.

Over the years I’ve created many sites and registered many domains. After a while I stopped updating sites as I had too many, then I combined a bunch of site into one to simplify, and in reality I just keep a select few sites updated. More is not better.

Now I’ve been taught not to let things expire. I did SEO for 6 years and SEO says to never let a domain go. It’s a hard decision, but in the end, if I’m not using it, why have it? Right?

So I decided to let one go. The first thing I get is multiple emails from the domain register saying my domain was about to expire. A few here and there and then many right around expiration time. I hold strong and I let the date pass. Then they send me emails saying I can still renew; it’s not to late! They’re trying so hard.

However, I’m holding strong. I don’t need the domain, I don’t have any content for it anymore and it’s not making me money. So why keep it?

I still have quite a few domain names and as they expire I’m going to take a look at them and decide if I really need them or not. There is no need to keep them just incase and I’d rather save the money.

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