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JetPack monitors your WordPress site in real time to ensure it’s online.

JetPack Monitoring
Want to know if your site goes down? I do. That way I can get it back online ASAP.

I’ve been researching site monitoring services lately and most will check a site every 15-30 minutes unless you pay. 30 minutes before an alert is way to long.

If you run WordPress, you can get your site checked every five minutes to ensure its online with JetPack. I’ve been running it for the past few week now and it’s working great. It even alerts me when I mess up a server config and take the site down for a few seconds. They say they check my site every 5 minutes, but it seems like a lot more often than that.

The nice thing about JetPack’s monitoring is it relies on WordPress. So if your server has an error and is technically up, but WordPress isn’t working, it’ll alert you. Even if your server is too slow to respond, it’ll alert you.

JetPack has been able to do monitoring for a while now, but I just started using and I love it. It’s another great feature in an already amazing plugin.

If you’re not running WordPress my second recommendation is Uptime Robot. They provide a great service for free too. Your site gets checked every 5 minutes and you can even get text message alerts. That’s pretty darn handy.

Uptime is a big thing. No one wants their site down and it’s even more stressful when you manage your own server and you’re the tech support that has to fix it. However, getting notified of issues as soon as they happen help ensure that you get your site up and running quickly.

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