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Bringing Slick to Beaver Builder

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Beaver Builder is a great WordPres page builder, but the default carousels aren’t that amazing. That’s why I decided to build out a Slick slider module.

Currently, the Slick module is in the very early stages. I really need a project where I can use it and really dedicate time to developing it. Until then, it’s an hour or two a few times a week. Slow and steady right? If you’re super excited about this, then help me build it.

This project is on GitHub so you’re free to help out. My goal is to get it to a decent state in a few weeks, but there are no formal timelines.

I also hope to integrate more custom modules into my plugin. If you have things that you really want me to build out, let me know. The higher the complexity, the less likely they’ll get done. 🙂

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