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The .htaccess File Is Pretty Powerful Stuff

It seems that whenever I try to block bad sites from stealing bandwidth, I end up blocking myself too. Doh! And to make it worse, it’s not obvous to me that I’m doing it until months later So if you’ve had issues in the past with images on my site, I apologize. Hopefully all is […]

Should Web Developers Switch To Google Chrome?

Nettuts+ tries to make the argument that web developers should switch to Google Chrome but I’m not buying it. Their reasoning? It’s cross platform. – But so is Safari, Firefox and Opera. Web Inspector – Which Safari also has. Extensions – Which Firefox has many more of, and better ones too. It’s a nice article, […]

WCCO News Comes To The iPhone In Style

It has always amazed me how news stations can spend thousands on new sets, fancy graphics and anything to get more viewers on TV, but their website usually suck. Getting the local news on an iPhone or iPod Touch meant loading an overly busy, and usually slow, website or a very basic, and usually ugly, […]

yExplore 2.1 Now With More SEO and Web Developer Love

yExplore 2.1 has been released with loads of new shortcuts for SEOs and web developers! yExplore still offers quick and easy access to Yahoo Site Explorer, but now also offers: Google Backlinks, Inindex, Cache – So you can see how the site has progressed over the years. Bing Inindex Delicious saves for a domain. […]

Adobe Air Application Tutorial for Web Developers

This tutorial covers the very basics of creating an Adobe AIR application that will work on Mac, Windows and Linux. It will show you what software to install and how to turn some web code into an Adobe AIR application. You will get enough information to get you started and from there you can create […]

Cool New Blue Design

After months of work, the new design is live! Little things have been changing over the past week or so, like the new favicon, but the button has been pushed and doesn’t the new design look good?  If you find any issues, let me know.  I’m eager to have it looking it’s best for […]

4 Extensions to Speed Up Firefox on Slow Connections

As the web continues to evolve, and more and more people are empowered to create their own sites, there is little to no concern for those on slower connections. It’s been said that 10% of U.S. households still use dial-up internet to access the web.  This could be due to the lack of high speed […]

My First Plurk Theme

A few days ago Plurk came out with the ability to customize your profile with your own CSS code.  I put my skills to work and created my first Plurk theme! It’s a bit darker, to match my website, and comes with rounded boxes, a unified timeline and colors that pop. You can get a […]

Fastest Mac Browser Test: Firefox 2, 3 and Safari

Have you checked out  It’s a Mozilla owned site that runs a set of JavaScripts and test out how fast your browser is.  I tried it on my iMac, 1.83 Intel Core Duo with 1.5 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM, and found Firefox 3 beta 5 to be the fastest browser.  Oddly enough, Firefox […]

Weekend Update: Firefox 3, TV, Software and More

I thought I’d write a random post with some of what’s on my mind this weekend. I’m now running Firefox 3 betas thanks to MultiFireFox. MidnightFox was updated the other day with incorrect buttons.  Oops.  That has been re-uploaded and should be made public soon. yExplore and GA? have been updated for Firefox 3. Actually, […]