I thought I’d write a random post with some of what’s on my mind this weekend.

  • I’m now running Firefox 3 betas thanks to MultiFireFox.
  • MidnightFox was updated the other day with incorrect buttons.  Oops.  That has been re-uploaded and should be made public soon.
  • yExplore and GA? have been updated for Firefox 3. Actually, for the beats not the official release.  That’ll happen when the final release comes out.
  • Now that I am running Firefox 3, I can start theming it.
  • Just started to watch Entourage.  It seems like a pretty cool show.
  • Watching the second season of Monk too which is an awesome TV show.
  • I’m totally lost on Lost but I love it.
  • I’m going to be speaking on SEO and web design next week at the Art Institutes MN.  That’ll be fun since I use to go to school there and I’m not big on public speaking.
  • I just bought Delicious Library.  It’s such a great program to keep track of music, movies and games.
  • I’m now using MoodBlast to update my Facebook, Twitter, Pownce and Jaiku status’.  I’d love to see this as a web based app much like TwitterFeed so it can automatically post my blog posts too.

That’s what I got at the moment. 🙂