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How to mass remove URLs from Google quickly.

Google indexes everything it finds and sometimes it finds things that it shouldn’t. Google has a nice removal tool that temporarily removes URLs from Google and this is actually really good when you want something out rather quickly. In my experiences, it remove pages from Google Search within 24 hours. The downside to Google’s removal tool is […]


I got dumped by Google. Now what?

I can still remember when Google and I were BFFs. I spent my time creating content and feeding Google. In return, Google sent me traffic. We were both happy and things were good. Then, without notice, Google dumped me. Now I didn’t cheat on Google and I wasn’t doing spammy things behind their back. I […]


New Google Image Search kills my traffic.

I have more than a few sites and some of them are very image heavy. With the old Google Image Search, I was able to break users out of Google and send them to my sites. This increased their chances of seeing my site, my other content, and my ads. However, with the latest Google […]


SEO vs Web Design

If you talk to someone who does SEO they often wonder why web developers create sites so un-search friendly. If you talk to web developers they wonder why SEO’s have to be so picky about everything. Being in both industries I can tell you that web developers don’t think about SEO and SEO’s don’t understand […]