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New URLs & Lots of Patients

For some time I’ve wanted to remove the month, day, year from my URL structure on my blog but I haven’t. Everything I’ve ever learned about SEO is to not change the URLs. However I really wanted to. Then, late last week, my host somehow blocked Google bot from accessing the server I’m on and […]

Minor Design Changes Can Make A Big Effect

When it comes to web design, sometimes less is more. And sometimes you don’t need to change a lot to make a big improvement. Case in point, the latest Google update. All they did was add a few icons, make the colors pop, soften up the buttons a little and the new look is very […]

yExplore 2.1 Now With More SEO and Web Developer Love

yExplore 2.1 has been released with loads of new shortcuts for SEOs and web developers! yExplore still offers quick and easy access to Yahoo Site Explorer, but now also offers: Google Backlinks, Inindex, Cache – So you can see how the site has progressed over the years. Bing Inindex Delicious saves for a domain. […]

14 Mac Only Twitter Applications

There are no shortage of Twitter applications out there. Each client seems to have a slightly different feature set too. I’ve tried a lot of them and below is a list of good Twitter applications that have been built for the Mac.  No Adobe Air suggestions here, and most are available only on the Mac. […]

Things Learned at the 2008 MIMA Holiday Party

Another fun MIMA event has come and gone.  This time it was the 2008 Holiday party.  In talking with some people, here are a few things that were learned. Black Hat vs White Hat SEO – I had an fun talk with a kid who goes to the UofM and does Black Hat SEO.  He said he didn’t […]

How does Google crawl the iTunes Store?

Last I checked, a web page had to be on the web in order for Google to crawl the page and serve it up in search results.  But then how does it crawl iTunes? On a recent search for “implus iphone application” I came across the iTunes store page ranked at #8 in Google. Yes, […]

Weekend Update: Firefox 3, TV, Software and More

I thought I’d write a random post with some of what’s on my mind this weekend. I’m now running Firefox 3 betas thanks to MultiFireFox. MidnightFox was updated the other day with incorrect buttons.  Oops.  That has been re-uploaded and should be made public soon. yExplore and GA? have been updated for Firefox 3. Actually, […]

Help Thomas McMahon (me) beat a dead guy.

It shouldn’t bother me, and it really doesn’t, but I’ve been #3 in Google for Thomas McMahon for years now. I’m being beat out by a dead guy; twice. Granted, I think that even being dead, he’s got better link love. He’s a Harvard grad that has written eighty scientific papers, two scientific books, had […]

GA? Upgraded to work with new Google Analytics code.

Google Analytics recently updated their tracking code. In doing so, my GA? Firefox extension didn’t recognize the newer code. However, with a few new lines of code, the GA? Firefox extension works with the old and new Google tracking code. Thanks to those who wrote in requesting the update. It really helps me get a […]

Apple Gets Cozy With Wikipedia

It seems that almost every Google search shows Wikipedia in the top ten. Wikipedia is the best result for almost everything according to Google. Well now Apple’s jumped on the Wikipedia bandwagon too. In the latest version of MacOSX, Wikipedia has it’s own tab in the dictionary. It’ll connect up to the internet and do […]