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Apple Gets Cozy With Wikipedia

It seems that almost every Google search shows Wikipedia in the top ten. Wikipedia is the best result for almost everything according to Google. Well now Apple’s jumped on the Wikipedia bandwagon too.

In the latest version of MacOSX, Wikipedia has it’s own tab in the dictionary. It’ll connect up to the internet and do your Wikipedia search for you.

I kind of have mixed feelings on this. Wikipedia is a good source for information, but is it really worthy of beign added into the OS? We never added any other type of encyclopedia service in the past. On the other hand, Wikipedia is very nice for researching topics. They seem to have all the facts and a good community driven site. So I guess it’s not a bad thing.

Wikipedia just kind of showed up one day and has been building momentum ever since. Google backs it quite a bit by ranking most Wikipedia pages very well. But what’s the future for Wikipedia? Will it continue to grow and be a valuable resource? Or will it end up corrupt and pointless like the DMOZ?

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