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The Death of YouTube?

YouTube has long been the goto place to find anything you missed from TV, or just to watch things you’d never see on TV. However, lately, it just seems like it’s being spammed more and more.

In this example, I searched for Carrie Underwood and got a bit of spam instead.

YouTube Death via Spam

Since YouTube is owned by Google, you’d think they could detect this. Tons of keywords strung together should be pretty easy to detect. Or what about noticing that a video is tagged with nude or porn but it’s not marked as adult? How hard would it be to detect that? Or what about videos that have the same title, same description, same running time and that were uploaded at the same time? Can we say duplicate content? It seems Google’s SEO rules are not in play at YouTube.

Come on YouTube, you’re starting to show weakness and if you don’t watch out, some other video site will take all your users.

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  1. Steven Moncivais says:

    This is why I tend to turn more towards Stage6.
    Yeah, I gotta deal with the evil that is DivX, but I get HD movie trailers and tv shows.
    And the occasional as-of-yet-unlicensed anime.
    😀 :XD
    I think the trade offs are worth it.
    Oh, I know I wanted ask you something, Thomas.
    Are you subscribed to JustaRandomGuy and his “Hi, I’ma Marvel. And I’m a DC” pardoy series?

  2. Thomas says:

    Stage6 looks pretty sweet. Thanks for the tip. 🙂

  3. Steven Moncivais says:

    You’re welcome!
    I do have to warn you that Stage6 is still in beta.
    So they tend to break down every know and then.
    But at least they’re humorous about it.

  4. adam says:

    well to be honest to you, youtube isnt a website to catch up on tv. its a website to share ideas or creativity. If you want to catch up on tv is your answer. Youtube is meant for funny videos, creative videos, blogs, or anything inbetween. Never was youtube ever meant for catching up on tv. I searched up carrie underwood, and got everything that has to do with her and her music. You were probably on the close to last page.

    so stop.

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