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I am not a spammer.

It seems that something or someone found a hole one in one of my WordPress installs and started sending out spam early this morning. My host then shut me down completely and this site was suspended for several hours on Sunday because I was spamming. 🙁 We are back up and running now but not […]


SpamAssassin Research & Battle

I’ve been doing a lot of spam research lately and trying to figure out why certain email messages were being tagged as [Spam] in the subject line and others weren’t. Now, this isn’t your typical spam, it’s legit emails and ones that shouldn’t be marked. All the obvious items were checked into and no issues […]


The Death of YouTube?

YouTube has long been the goto place to find anything you missed from TV, or just to watch things you’d never see on TV. However, lately, it just seems like it’s being spammed more and more. In this example, I searched for Carrie Underwood and got a bit of spam instead. Since YouTube is owned […]


What’s wrong with Blog Search?!

There are some great blog search engines out there today like Technorati, Google Blog Search and Sphere. However, they all have the same flaw; they don’t block spam blogs. Not one of the three blog search engines listed above do a very good job, if any job at all, of blocking blog spam. Do a […]