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Whoops, I just sent like 400 StumbleUpon Friend Requests

StumbleUpon LogoIt seems that StumbleUpon can connect to your Gmail account and auto-magically connect you with those that have StumbleUpon accounts. I thought that was cool so I did it. I didn’t realize that it was also sending invites to all those in my address book that weren’t on StumbleUpon.

Since I have 419 random emails in Gmail, I feel I just spammed hundreds of people. SORRY!! I didn’t mean to.

It seems that a number of those emails were to support sites so I just opened up quite a few support tickets too. Crap.

Oh well, maybe it’ll jazz up my StumbleUpon profile a bit. 😉

If I didn’t spam you and you want to be my friend, just add me.

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  1. Thomas: I was curious why you would randomly invite me to stumbleupon, now I know why! Thanks for the invite but its probably just another web server I won’t use — it’s been around for a long time too.. seems to ahve made it to the big time.

  2. Yeah, I was sorts suspect of why you would send me an invite.
    Me + Networking sites = PHAILQUAIL
    It was a nice gesture, even for an accidental one…
    ..but I think I can go without adding another networking/ forum site to my bookmarks.

  3. Steven: I’m with you man. I am having a difficult time keeping up with the very few social networking sites I already attempt to utilize: twitter,, and facebook. Not to mention I have a horrible time keeping up with updates on my various blogs as well. Once again though, Thomas I appreciate the invite — even if it wasn’t intentional; glad you were subconsciously thinking about your fellow sphere community.

  4. Thomas says:

    What?! You guys don’t want to be my friend? How sad. 😉

    It’s no big deal if you don’t join. The cool thing about StumbleUpon is the amount of traffic it can send to a site. Maybe I’ll look around your sites and see if there is anything good to stumble.

  5. @ Thomas:
    If you, ahem, “stumble”, around my dA profile, you might some interesting things there.
    😉 😉
    Just be careful.
    I often upload things that are NSFW.

  6. solix96 says:

    AAARG! You to… i really wish they’d change that..

    I just sent *the maximum” 316 i think, (!@#$)

    AT least they could make an easy way to “send a message to all your contacts”. . like how I just had to add ALL my contacts in a Draft Email Appoloizing for the MIS-CLICK invite.. it even got sent to my doctors, lawyers, and old family. .

    I will wait untill I hear back from any one of them to send my “denial email”, . . hehe, huh? what you sayin? I didn’t… oh, yeah, theres this really nasty internet worm out, uhhuh.. nope. I didnt do that, just ignore it… 8) Think it’ll work?

    LOL, this bytes.

    It was WAY to easy to get those sent, i would think they did that on purpose to “spread the word” about stumbleupon… well, i stumbled.

    I clicked CONTINUE.. CONTINUE MAN! (as in “not finished yet!)

    it didnt say “SEND”, or “FINISH”, “SPAM ALL”.. heh


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