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Do Everyone A Favor And Share The Source

It’s a little bit annoying when you follow a link on Twitter or Facebook only to be taken to a site that summarizes the story, then makes you click though to the source with the full story. I think we need to do everyone a favor and share the source. Don’t get me wrong, there […]


Social Bookmark Creator WordPress Plugin 0.5

— discontinued — The Social Bookmark Creator plugin got a major update, much like the Chicklet Creator did a few weeks ago. The WordPress plugin now includes an admin page for managing your social bookmark options and database integration to remember your choices. Social Bookmark Creator plugin works with almost 50 different social bookmarking services […]


Social Bookmark WordPress Plugin Testing

Wanted: A few brave soles to test out the new Social Bookmark WordPress Plugin. It’s an upgrade of my current version and includes an admin screen for selecting the options you want to show. I had more issues with this one than expected as it kept hooking into my Chicklet Creator plugin and editing that. […]