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Do Everyone A Favor And Share The Source

It’s a little bit annoying when you follow a link on Twitter or Facebook only to be taken to a site that summarizes the story, then makes you click though to the source with the full story. I think we need to do everyone a favor and share the source. Don’t get me wrong, there […]

Whoops, I just sent like 400 StumbleUpon Friend Requests

It seems that StumbleUpon can connect to your Gmail account and auto-magically connect you with those that have StumbleUpon accounts. I thought that was cool so I did it. I didn’t realize that it was also sending invites to all those in my address book that weren’t on StumbleUpon. Since I have 419 random emails […]

Chicklet & Social Creator Work in WordPress 2.1

I have a test blog that I basically do anything with so I decided to take the chances and upgrade to WordPress 2.1 on it tonight. I didn’t perform a backup, I didn’t even disable any plugins, I just upgraded and in about two minutes I was done. Everything works great and looks good. My […]

Social Bookmark Creator WordPress Plugin 0.5

— discontinued — The Social Bookmark Creator plugin got a major update, much like the Chicklet Creator did a few weeks ago. The WordPress plugin now includes an admin page for managing your social bookmark options and database integration to remember your choices. Social Bookmark Creator plugin works with almost 50 different social bookmarking services […]

Updated Chicklet & Social Blog Tools

— discontinued — Announcing updates to the Chicklet Creator and the Social Bookmark Creator. The updated blog tools include a new layout, more buttons and a few added features. One of the big additions is the drop down menus. You can now create a CSS drop down menu to hold all your feed buttons, or […]

New WordPress Plugin Instructions

Last night I decided that my WordPress plugins needed a bit more detailed install and configure instructions.  Sure, I know how to do it but that doesn’t mean anyone else gets it. 🙂 Check out the Chicklet Creator WordPress Plugin instructions and the Social Bookmark WordPress Plugin instructions.  Let me know if something doesn’t make […]

Social Bookmarks Tool Goes Static

If you wanted to use the Social Bookmark Tool but didn’t have a blog, now you can. I added the functionality to add a static URL and create social bookmark links. Granted, this static code will only work with one URL and title, it’s not dynamic like the blog code that will create links based […]


I’ve been social booking sites for a while now. I started with Furl and have tried many different services. Spurl is my favorite, however, seems to be the site of choice in the mainstream. Now I say mainstream loosely as social bookmarking is not known or understood my many, however those that do know […]

TwisterMc Themes, Plugins, Extensions and Requirements

I’ve been adding quite a bit of software to my site in the past weeks. There is now two WordPress plugins, two Firefox themes and a Firefox extension. However, one complaint I see is that it doesn’t work for version x. My Firefox addons were built to work in today’s official build. Not the 1.0.x […]

Social Bookmark WordPress Plugin

Social Bookmark Links is a plugin that has the same functionality as the Social Bookmark Link Creator. I’m just trying to automate it a little more and make it tie into WordPress.Now I’m just learning how WordPress plugins work. This is a new area for me and I’m not guaranteeing anything. It worked for me […]