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Chicklet & Social Creator Work in WordPress 2.1

I have a test blog that I basically do anything with so I decided to take the chances and upgrade to WordPress 2.1 on it tonight. I didn’t perform a backup, I didn’t even disable any plugins, I just upgraded and in about two minutes I was done. Everything works great and looks good.

My fist test, besides looking at the new editor, was to see if the Chicklet Creator and Social Bookmark Creator plugins worked. Sure enough, they had no issues.

These are two plugins you can check off the worry list as there is nothing to worry about here. 😉

If I don’t hear anyone screaming about issues in WordPress 2.1, I may just update this blog in a few days too.

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  1. Bhupen says:

    I did the update just by uploading the recently changed files.
    Did not work for the recent version.

  2. Thomas says:

    Bhupen, can you be a little more specific? Which plugin didn’t work, or both? Did you get any errors? If you de-activated the plugin, did you turn it back on?

  3. John Smith says:

    testing this comment again

  4. Marty says:

    Would like to see target=”_blank” and title=”SPECIFIED IN PLUGIN OPTIONS” for the link and alt=”SPECIFIED IN PLUGIN OPTIONS” for the image added to this plugin for seo purposes?

  5. Thomas says:

    As far as SEO goes, _blank doesn’t matter and alt text should be available on most images already. I’ll keep it in mind though for future updates.

  6. articleposts says:

    Hi twistermc,
    I had installed chicklet-creator in my blog and I am using wp 2.6. There was no comment or error after updating the file, however the buttons feeds does not appear in my blog. Could you please advise?…..cheers

  7. Hi Thomas,

    Thanks for writing the plug-in, it comes highly recommended. However I use Widgets (WordPress v2.7.1) to control my sidebar. Can you provide instructions on how to install the Chicklet Creator in this instance please?

    Many thanks,


  8. Henriette says:

    I have the same question as Colin.. I’m in need for some instructions…



  9. Thomas says:

    If you are using widgets, I’d suggest not using the plugin. Rather using the Chicklet Creator to create the HTML code and then putting that code in a text widget in WordPress.

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