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I’ve been social booking sites for a while now. I started with Furl and have tried many different services. Spurl is my favorite, however, seems to be the site of choice in the mainstream. Now I say mainstream loosely as social bookmarking is not known or understood my many, however those that do know it, usually use

I did use for a while, but I didn’t feel it was as search engine friendly as each link has a no-follow tag associated with it. So I switched. However, as I just returned from PubCon, it seems a lot of people seem to use more than any other social bookmark site for finding information. So, I thought that I needed to re-discover and make sure that people were finding my site.

I’ve since installed a few Firefox tools to make it easy to tag pages and access my bookmarks. I also found a great desktop application called Cocoalicious (Mac) that organizes my bookmarks and gives me access to viewing and editing them via the desktop.

Now, I don’t expect a huge increase of traffic from, however more is better than missing out. If more people are using to find sites, I want to make sure I’m well represented. 🙂

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