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15 Custom Full Firefox Themes

One nice thing about Firefox is that you can theme it with some CSS. You can make minor modifications or go completely custom. Not only can you change colors, but you can move things around and create custom browser experiences. Here are some pretty awesome looking Firefox themes that you can install today. Do keep […]

Moz-Mac – A Translucent Firefox Theme

I’ve started playing around with Firefox themes again. One of the great things about Firefox is that the interface can be modified with CSS. With just a few lines of code, I can make it look like whatever I want. This time what I ended up with was Moz-Mac. I started by getting rid of […]

Get Chrome’s new theme for Firefox.

Google Chrome recently launched a new Material Design theme. If you like it, you can also get it for Firefox with MaterialFox. MaterialFox works with all three color schemes in Firefox; default, light and dark. MaterialFox’s theme is so good, you can hardly tell the difference. Better yet, you still have Firefox under the hood. […]

The Safari Firefox Theme is Beautiful

Have you ever wished that Firefox fit in on the Mac a bit more? Well grab the Safari 9 Firefox theme and you’ll be amazed. The author, DixieCretinSeaman, has created a theme that looks great that you’ll forget you’re in Firefox. It comes with full width tabs, the removal of favicons, a minimized browser interface, cleaned up […]

aFox – A Mac Firefox Theme With Style

Ever wish Firefox was a bit more stylish on the Mac? Now it can be. aFox is a Mac Firefox theme that creates a translucent, simplified interface that’s it’s all done with CSS. If you’d like to grab a copy of aFox, head over to UserStyles and install it. You’ll need to make sure to have the Stylish […]

No content blocker on iOS? Use Reader View to get past ads.

Content blockers are all over the news right now, but if you don’t have an iPhone 5s or newer, you’re stuck with ads. However, you can get around them with Reader View. Reader View has been around since iOS 7 and it works on most sites. All you have to do is tap the icon […]

How to enable Firefox’s built in minimal theme and dark theme.

Did you know that Firefox has a little hidden secret under the hood? It has a very nice minimal theme that comes in light and dark versions. Update: The config setting is gone. However, this extension will help. It only works with dark mode though. To enable it, open Firefox and type about:config in address […]

Browser Sugar Cookies

I made some cookies for my team at work; browser cookies. It didn’t quite go as planned as I made the frosting a little too thin. It helped some, but it also hurt some. Plus my frosting design skills are not that great. I did figure out that using a toothpick allowed me to easily push […]

How To Fix Video.js’ Flash Player Fallback

I used video.js for the first time this week and it works well, but there is some confusion in the documentation as to how to get the Flash fallback to work. It’s actually pretty simple. First off, do not use the CDN version. Use the self hosted version. When you use the self hosted version, […]