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The Safari Firefox Theme is Beautiful

Have you ever wished that Firefox fit in on the Mac a bit more? Well grab the Safari 9 Firefox theme and you’ll be amazed.

The author, DixieCretinSeaman, has created a theme that looks great that you’ll forget you’re in Firefox.

It comes with full width tabs, the removal of favicons, a minimized browser interface, cleaned up address bar, and under OS X 10.11+, the San Francisco typeface is used in more locations than stock Firefox.

DixieCretinSeaman has paid attention to every little detail and it shows. Even on a retina screen, it’s hard to find anything wrong with it.

The Safari 9 theme is not a standard Firefox theme, it’s actually a user style and it’s only available on Mac. Since it’s a user style, you can easily open up the code and modify what you don’t like. For myself, I brought back the color on the favicons on pinned tabs. You have the ability to make modifications as long as you know CSS.

If you use Firefox, I highly recommend checking it out. Y0u’ll be impressed by how good Firefox can look.

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