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The Safari Firefox Theme is Beautiful

Have you ever wished that Firefox fit in on the Mac a bit more? Well grab the Safari 9 Firefox theme and you’ll be amazed. The author, DixieCretinSeaman, has created a theme that looks great that you’ll forget you’re in Firefox. It comes with full width tabs, the removal of favicons, a minimized browser interface, cleaned up...


Browser Sugar Cookies

I made some cookies for my team at work; browser cookies. It didn’t quite go as planned as I made the frosting a little too thin. It helped some, but it also hurt some. Plus my frosting design skills are not that great. I did figure out that using a toothpick allowed me to easily push...


Safari 7 & the New Webkit Inspector

Yesterday I wrote about how I was hoping for an awesome new Safari 7 at WWDC. The good news is that it was talked about, but it’s those little features like reopen closed tabs and private browsing that I won’t know about until I get to use it. I was informed however that the upgraded...


The fastest browser on my Mac is Firefox 5.

I tested four browsers with the SunSpider tests and it turns out that Firefox 5 was faster than Chrome, Safari and Opera. This was quite surprising to me as it beat out Chrome but quite a bit. It’s also interesting how far behind Safari is. Opera 10.5 – 534.0ms +/- 1.4% Chrome 12 – 524.6ms...


From Chrome to Safari to Firefox and back again.

It seems that I can’t find a browser that is perfect. I try them all, I love parts of them all, and there are always things I don’t like. With Chrome, its startup speed is annoying me. It takes a while to do something on startup and I’m not sure what that is. I think...


Stainless – A Mac Browser With Unique Features

Sometimes I like Safari, sometimes Firefox, Camino, Chrome or one of the others. I like to try out different browsers in hopes that I’ll find that one I love. One browser I’ve started really liking is Stainless. Stainless is a Mac browser that runs off of Safari’s rendering engine, but has its own personality. Stainless...


Fix: Safari 4 Crash on Start Issues

Are you uber excited for the new Safari 4 beta from Apple?  However, on install all it does is bounce and crash?  I’ve been having the issue under 10.5.6 and the fix is simple; remove your Safari addons! Step 1 – Uninstall Safari 4 beta and revert back to Safari 3.  If you still have Safari 3,...