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The Safari Firefox Theme is Beautiful

Have you ever wished that Firefox fit in on the Mac a bit more? Well grab the Safari 9 Firefox theme and you’ll be amazed. The author, DixieCretinSeaman, has created a theme that looks great that you’ll forget you’re in Firefox. It comes with full width tabs, the removal of favicons, a minimized browser interface, cleaned up […]

Safari isn’t the new Internet Explorer, Google Chrome is.

There have been discussions recently that badmouth Safari for being a bit behind on web technologies. I agree that Safari needs a bit more focus, but that doesn’t make it the new Internet Explorer. If anyone is, it’s Google Chrome. Now I’m not saying that Chrome is a bad browser. It’s a really good browser, […]

Browser Sugar Cookies

I made some cookies for my team at work; browser cookies. It didn’t quite go as planned as I made the frosting a little too thin. It helped some, but it also hurt some. Plus my frosting design skills are not that great. I did figure out that using a toothpick allowed me to easily push […]

Safari 7 & the New Webkit Inspector

Yesterday I wrote about how I was hoping for an awesome new Safari 7 at WWDC. The good news is that it was talked about, but it’s those little features like reopen closed tabs and private browsing that I won’t know about until I get to use it. I was informed however that the upgraded […]

Why is no one talking about Safari 7? #WWDC

WWDC is upon us and I always hold out hope that Apple is going to release a kick ass Safari update. Something that takes Apple’s awesome design and functionally skills and makes a better browser. Now Safari 6 isn’t horrible, it’s actually a pretty darn good browser. However, there are a few things that make […]

The fastest browser on my Mac is Firefox 5.

I tested four browsers with the SunSpider tests and it turns out that Firefox 5 was faster than Chrome, Safari and Opera. This was quite surprising to me as it beat out Chrome but quite a bit. It’s also interesting how far behind Safari is. Opera 10.5 – 534.0ms +/- 1.4% Chrome 12 – 524.6ms […]

From Chrome to Safari to Firefox and back again.

It seems that I can’t find a browser that is perfect. I try them all, I love parts of them all, and there are always things I don’t like. With Chrome, its startup speed is annoying me. It takes a while to do something on startup and I’m not sure what that is. I think […]

Use Google Chrome’s Private Browsing To Login To Multiple Accounts

If you’re like me and you need to access multiple accounts on the same service, like different Gmail or Twitter accounts, on a daily basis, logging in and out gets to be a pain. You could always just open up a different browser, but that’s annoying too. Google Chrome however has a good work around as you […]

Stainless – A Mac Browser With Unique Features

Sometimes I like Safari, sometimes Firefox, Camino, Chrome or one of the others. I like to try out different browsers in hopes that I’ll find that one I love. One browser I’ve started really liking is Stainless. Stainless is a Mac browser that runs off of Safari’s rendering engine, but has its own personality. Stainless […]

Fix: Safari 4 Crash on Start Issues

Are you uber excited for the new Safari 4 beta from Apple?  However, on install all it does is bounce and crash?  I’ve been having the issue under 10.5.6 and the fix is simple; remove your Safari addons! Step 1 – Uninstall Safari 4 beta and revert back to Safari 3.  If you still have Safari 3, […]