Safari LogoAre you uber excited for the new Safari 4 beta from Apple?  However, on install all it does is bounce and crash?  I’ve been having the issue under 10.5.6 and the fix is simple; remove your Safari addons!

Step 1 – Uninstall Safari 4 beta and revert back to Safari 3.  If you still have Safari 3, then you’re good to go.

Note: You don’t have to reinstall Safari 3, it should just come back when you uninstall Safari 4 beta.

Step 2 – Go to Safari -> Preferences and look for any addons like…

Step 3 – Go to the official site for any addons and see if there is an update or if there are any compatibility issues with Safari 4.  Or just uninstall the addon.

Step 4 – Install Safari 4 beta.

This time, everything should work fine.  It did for me. 🙂