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Midnight iPox – A Dark Theme with Bright Blue Buttons

Ever thought that you liked parts of one of my themes and parts of another?  Well one reader by the name of Jeremy did.  He decided to combine MidnightFox and iPox Aqua to come up with Midnight iPox.


Midnight iPox combines the dark of MidnightFox and the bright blue buttons of iPox Aqua to create a pretty nice theme!  Hats off to Jeremy for such a nice mashup.

Download Midnight iPox (removed)

To install, download the Midnight-iPox.jar file from the link above.  Then open Firefox and go to Tools -> Add-ons and drag Midnight-iPox.jar into the left side of the Themes section.  Once installed, restart Firefox to use it.

So what do you think?

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  1. jE. says:


  2. toxx says:

    Great skin! Thanx a lot =) But tell me how to uninstall .jad skin?

  3. bmx says:

    Would love to try it out, but it seems to have errors when installing on my XP machine. Has anyone installed it successfully on an XP machine? I know it could be an extention and I’d be willing to try to figure out which one.

  4. Web Talk says:

    I like it with the exception of the blue bottons which are too bright in my opinion! Anyway, well done! Got it in my browser a few minutes ago!

  5. bmx says:

    You (Jeremy) should put this theme in the Theme section of the Firefox Add-ons page, it is really good. And I got it to work at home by disabling the FfChrome extension and Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer extension.

    By the way, the theme does have the same Auto-complete error that iPox had (see link ->

  6. Kevin says:

    Very nice. Would be nice if it worked in Flock.

  7. tama says:

    why not work on my firefox 3.5??

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