After months of work, the new design is live!

Little things have been changing over the past week or so, like the new favicon, but the button has been pushed and doesn’t the new design look good? 

If you find any issues, let me know.  I’m eager to have it looking it’s best for everyone. Heck, it even looks good in IE 6, except for the rollovers. Close counts there. If you’re using IE 6, upgrade already. Might I suggest Firefox?

The only think I didn’t change was the URL structure. Part of me really wants to get rid of the date in the URLs, but the SEO guy inside me worries about all the incoming links. Granted, they’d be redirected automatically by WordPress, I still can’t convince myself to do that one.

Take a look around and let me know what you think. I’m sure I’ll be tweaking it daily. 🙂