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Safari & Leopard Font Issue

Ever since I upgraded to Leopard, my Safari has had an odd font issue. I ignored it for a while and even once thought it was coded that way on websites. Now I’m just getting more annoyed. Check out the screen shot I took from > See how bold words are showing up in […]


Mac Like Firefox Themes

If you’ve ever wanted a good Firefox theme to match the look of your Mac a bit more, there are lots of developers out there trying to make this happen. The best one, if you are actually on a Mac, is probably GrApple by Aronnax. His attention to detail is amazing. Other good choices are […]


Use iPhone Applications in Firefox’s Sidebar

With the release of the iPhone, many software companies are releasing iPhone versions of their applications. Even though you might not have an iPhone, there is still a chance that you can use them with Firefox’s sidebar. Firefox’s sidebar is and odd place to load a web page, however if you manage your bookmarks, there […]


Switching to Safari? Maybe, Maybe Not

I’m a pretty big Firefox user and I do love the browser, but there are a few things I don’t like. Basically the time it takes to launch or open a new window. It just seems to get bogged down every now and then. Safari on the other hand just pops right up. So, I’m […]


Now 14.7% More IE Friendly

Blog on a stick is now 14.7% friendlier to our IE visitors. I removed a script that allowed IE to actually render transparent PNG’s with transparent backgrounds. It seemed to be slowing down the blog for those users and I didn’t like that. So it’s gone. Instead, you get to see an ugly background on […]


AllTheWeb does LiveSearch

AllTheWeb, a Yahoo search engine, is now testing live search. Take a little of Google Suggest, some Ajax and of course good search results, mix them together and get LiveSearch. It gives you suggestions and results as you type. Pretty cool and fun to play with. On the down side, no Safari or Opera support […]