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Create a simple, feature rich, Facebook Dashboard widget in 4 steps.

Are you constantly checking or updating your Facebook profile? Do you like to be up to date on all your friends? Are you having difficulty finding a nice Facebook Dashboard widget? Stop looking and create one now!

Facebook Dashboard Widget

It’s really simple. All you need is Safari 3 and a Mac. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Go to in Safari 3.
  2. Make your browser window as small as you can horizontally and as short as you’d like vertically. Make adjustments based on your personal likes.
  3. Click the ‘Open in Dashboard’ button and select the visible screen area. If your browser window doesn’t show the button, you can go to File and select ‘Open in Dashboard.’
  4. Done! Enjoy!

Now, whenever you open Dashboard, it’ll refresh the news feed and tell you what all your friends are doing. Unfortunately scrolling it’s as great as it should be, but it works sometimes.  If you need more room vertically, try to re-create the widget.

The Facebook widget features include:

  • Seeing friend’s updates.
  • Updating our status.
  • Viewing Friends
  • Writing on friends wall.
  • Viewing inbox.
  • Sending messages.
  • All sorts of Facebook fun.

It may work with other iPhone apps too like Netvibes, Weather Underground or many others. However, if there is a good Dashboard widget already, that’s probably your best bet.

Thanks to Apple’s web clips technology, this widget is extremely easy to make. Thanks to Facebook’s iPhone application, it’s quite useful too.

6 Responses

  1. Thomas says:

    UPDATE: If you are getting a login screen on the widget, go to and login in Safari. Once logged in, the widget should work. Logging in directly in the widget doesn’t seem to work.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Very cool suggestion! Thanks for sharing your creativity. 🙂

  3. any thoughts on how to get the scrollbar on the home page?

  4. Is there a workaround if you don’t have MacOS X Leopard/10.5? I have my mini with Leopard but not my Macbook yet. Anyway I can create the widget on the mini and then install it on the Macbook?

  5. Thomas says:

    I’m not sure if 10.4 allows you to create web clips. Sorry.

  1. 2/17/2008

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