I admit that paying $20 for a software update to my iPod Touch, less than a month after I got it, is kind of depressing, but I went for it and it’s like I have an all new iPod!

New features include:

  1. Email client. Fully functional email that’s amazing.
  2. Weather app. I love the weather, so this is like candy to me.
  3. Notes. I’ve been using address book for taking notes, not so much anymore. I wish I could do check boxes though too.
  4. Stocks – Not my cup of tea, but I got it.
  5. Google Maps – Not only do they look great, but I can get three types of maps (line, satellite, hybrid), traffic conditions, directions and I can search for business on the map. It’ll tell me where all Targets are for example. It even has the ability to figure out where I am based on my internet connection. Doesn’t work at home, but I’m going to try it everywhere. 🙂
  6. Web clips. Creating a quick shortcut to Gmail on my iPod Touches home screen is simple as pie. It’s a great way to add even more ‘virtual’ applications.
  7. Multiple home screens. Just like the weather, I can flip through home screen after home screen.
  8. Customizable home screens. Press, hold and it all starts to wiggle. Then I can move icons around all I want. I’ve already done this a few times.

Here is my short iPod Touch Wiggle movie.*

I do have to say that I’m very impressed with the $20 upgrade. In my mind, it’s better than coming out with new features that are only available on new iPods. Lets just hope that Apple continues to let iPod Touch owners get more software updates like this in the future.

*If anyone has tips on getting better image/video captures from iSight, let me know.