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News, accessories and information about my Apple iPod.

Are iPhones really that fragile?

We’re now proud owners of iPhones! I was actually able to walk into a Verizon store and get an iPhone 5 on Saturday. My wife has a 4S. One of the things the Verizon guy told us was that the iPhone 4s was extremely fragile. Dropping it from 3 feet would make it explode. He […]

Thanks for the memories Steve.

Thank you Steve Jobs for changing our world. For looking at a device and taking it to the next level. For not being afraid to be different. For being the little fish in the big pond and showing us that anything is possible. Your life may have been cut short, but you’ve left a great […]

Turn your iPad or iPhone into a weather radio.

I’ve been looking to get a new weather radio and I found a really good, and cheap, one that happens to be an iOS app. NOAA Weather Radio is an iPhone and iPad app that lets you listen to over 160 weather radio stations from all around the country and even a few in Canada. […]

Google Music vs Amazon Cloud Player – A quick review.

I’ve been testing out both Google Music and Amazon Cloud Player and have to say that they are both nice services. Below are my pros and cons of each service after some initial testing. Price: Google Music – Free (for now) Amazon Cloud Player – First 5 gigs are free, after that it’ll cost. Tip Uploading: Google […]

Saying Goodbye Remember The Milk Pro

A year ago I decided to try Remember the Milk Pro, however this year, I have decided that it’s not for me. I was trying to replace Toodledo with Remember The Milk. RTM has a nicer interface, seems simpler, a lot of people rave about it and it just felt like a good move. A […]

Does Your Smartphone Have a Passcode? It Should.

Do you have an iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or other smartphone? Do you have it protected by a passcode? You should. This is something my wife pointed out long ago when I first got my iPod touch. I was adding apps that access my financial data and, whereas they were password protected, the iPod itself wasn’t. If […]

Clean Out Your iPod With Song Ratings

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got thousands of songs on your iPod. Some songs are great while others you’re not quite sure why they are on there. No one has the time to sit down and go through them all, so why not mark all the songs you no longer want with one star, […]

How To Backup iPod Playlists

Backing up an iPods music is easy as there are a ton of apps out there that will allow users to select songs and transfer them back to iTunes. Now when it comes to backing up playlists, that functionality is hard to find. I did a lot of Googling and a lot of testing and […]

iPad Nanos Now Available

iPad to big for you? Doesn’t fit in your pocket well? Good news, you can get an iPad Nano. iPad Nano, now available everywhere. Also know as the iPhone or iPod Touch. 😀