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I’m Looking For Disney World Tips

In just a few days, the wife and I will be heading out of Minnesota and into hot and sunny Orlando, Florida! We plan on visiting all Disney parks and hitting up Universal Studios too. Since that’s a lot to do, we are wondering if anyone has any tips to share? I already have the […]

iPod WALL•E Desktop Wallpaper

Inspired by the latest iPod commercials, I thought that WALL•E looked like the iPod type.  He is in fact created by Pixar, Apple’s BFF in the movie industry.  So I put together an Apple like WALL•E desktop wallpaper; complete with iPod. What do you think?  Is WALL•E jammin’ or what? 🙂

8 Things That Baffle Me About My iPod Touch

I’ve been an iPod Touch owner since Christmas and I’ve been very happy.  However, there are still a few things that I just don’t quite get.  Maybe someone can help explain. Coverflow – It’s a really sweet feature, but the album art seems to only match the song that was playing when Coverflow as activated. […]

Give a Little Love

Have you heard about Idol Gives Back?  More than likely you have.  Have you donated?  The money goes to help kids in our country and others have a better life.  Helping them out with things like books, safe places to live & play and medication. It’s easy to give back.  You can donate online, by mail […]

Are You Using That Magnet on the iMac?

So what do you use that magnet on the side of your iMac for? I know my remote isn’t hanging on it. Who knows where that is. However, Scott sent me a video of his iLEVL Copy Holder. It’s a simple metal paper holder that sticks to that magnet in your iMac. That got me […]

iPod Touch $20 Upgrade Rocks

I admit that paying $20 for a software update to my iPod Touch, less than a month after I got it, is kind of depressing, but I went for it and it’s like I have an all new iPod! New features include: Email client. Fully functional email that’s amazing. Weather app. I love the weather, […]

Blogging on the iPod Touch

What better way to blog than on the go! With the Mobileadmin plugin for WordPress you can do just that. The plugin re-works WordPress’ admin area to fit in with the iPhone and iPod Touch. Actually, this post has been written on my iPod Touch. *Well, up until this point. // Image lost. Sorry. Zooomr […]

Can’t blog now, playing with my iPod Touch!

This year for Christmas, my wife got me an iPod Touch! This little device is extremely cool and I’m completely addicted. I now have an iPod that plays videos and Handbrake will become my new friend. It also has a calendar built in with two way syncing with iCal. Cool! And lets not forget Safari. […]

iPod touch Should Be iPod PDA!

With Apple’s new announcement of iPod touch, I’m ready to buy! (Wife, ignore that.) iPod touch is basically an iPhone without the phone. Perfect for me as I don’t want to go with ATT. It has a multi touch interface, Wi-Fi and iTunes Store on the iPod! I think I’m in love. Even better yet, […]

Google Loves Apple? iGoogle Launched

I was reading over at TechCrunch that Google personalized homepages were re-launching as iGoogle. When I logged into my account, sure enough, there it was; iGoogle. Now, most things that start with an i followed by a product name remind me of Apple. I think it was that iMac that started it all and of […]