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Google Loves Apple? iGoogle Launched

I was reading over at TechCrunch that Google personalized homepages were re-launching as iGoogle. When I logged into my account, sure enough, there it was; iGoogle.

Now, most things that start with an i followed by a product name remind me of Apple. I think it was that iMac that started it all and of course the iPod, iTunes and wealth of other i stuff. Is Google keen on Apple? Well probably not.

The old personalized homepages were known as ig – – so they just expanded upon that and spelled it out; iGoogle.

To me, the name change is cool. I like it and think it helps separate Google from the personalized area a bit more. Having recently started to ramp up my personal homepage use, the iGoogle name is a welcome addition.

Rock on iGoogle!

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  1. Stephan H says:

    The renaming is benign, so I have no issue with that. I just can’t use their apps esp. when I see Google Desktop indexing everything on my personal machine.

    • Hanii Puppy says:

      Google Desktop is a search facility similar to Spotlight or Sherlock. Of course it’s indexing everything on your machine – otherwise, it wouldn’t be able to search for anything. What is the point of a search engine that can’t search for anything?

  2. Thomas says:

    You can tell it what to index and what not to index. 🙂

  3. Stephan H says:

    Oh I know, but it still freaks me out. I would like to know how many people actually use Google for their calendar and the like.

  4. Himmat says:

    igoogle has around 7 million users as of now, my yahoo is the leader with some 50 million users. but these guys support widgets which my yahoo doesn’t, and some other stuff also…lets see whether igoogle can catch up with my yahoo. got these stats from a post on

  5. Johnny says:

    I switched from Yahoo to iGoogle the very first day it came out. Google guys did a great job but I just can’t stand the calendar. It’s an awful app and hopefully they’ll work on it to make it better and reliable. I’m comfortable with all the other apps Google brought to us all.

  6. Thomas says:

    What’s wrong with Google Calendar? I like it a lot.

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