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Seven Reasons why iTunes Match is worth the $25.

I’ve been using iTunes Mach for about a week now and it is well worth the $25 dollars. Here’s why. iCloud Storage All your music gets added to iCloud. Unlike other services, you don’t have to upload it all. iTunes only uploads what it can’t find a match for on their servers. This significantly cut […]

Glee knows where the money is; merchandising.

What’s the key to success in the entertainment industry? Fox’s Glee has to be one of the smartest shows on TV when it comes to merchandising. Now I’m not talking about t-shirts and DVDs, Glee is killing the competition with music. Every week the Glee cast releases a few songs and every week, they skyrocket […]

I don’t understand the Beatles iTunes hype.

I’m a bit annoyed by the whole Beatles iTunes thing. I just don’t get it and think it’s incredibly over advertised. When I go to the iTunes Store, I hate seeing all Beatles music. I get that they want to promote it, but do they have to fill up every square inch on the homepage? […]

32 iTunes Replacement Icons

Don’t like the new iTunes 10 icon? Well you’re not alone. Graphic designers have been working to create new iTunes icons and below are 32 iTunes replacement icons that would make a great addition to your desktop.

Clean Out Your iPod With Song Ratings

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got thousands of songs on your iPod. Some songs are great while others you’re not quite sure why they are on there. No one has the time to sit down and go through them all, so why not mark all the songs you no longer want with one star, […]

How To Backup iPod Playlists

Backing up an iPods music is easy as there are a ton of apps out there that will allow users to select songs and transfer them back to iTunes. Now when it comes to backing up playlists, that functionality is hard to find. I did a lot of Googling and a lot of testing and […]

How does Google crawl the iTunes Store?

Last I checked, a web page had to be on the web in order for Google to crawl the page and serve it up in search results.  But then how does it crawl iTunes? On a recent search for “implus iphone application” I came across the iTunes store page ranked at #8 in Google. Yes, […]

My First Apple App Store Purchases

I was excited to see iTunes 7.7 this morning and then TUAW tipped us off as to how to get into the App Store. Excited to check it out, I found a few free applications and downloaded them. Nothing to exciting but the Remote application does let me control iTunes or Apple TV (if I […]

Give a Little Love

Have you heard about Idol Gives Back?  More than likely you have.  Have you donated?  The money goes to help kids in our country and others have a better life.  Helping them out with things like books, safe places to live & play and medication. It’s easy to give back.  You can donate online, by mail […]

Kid Rock – Amen Video

When I heard that Kid Rocks new song was going to be up next on the radio yesterday I almost switched stations. But I didn’t. What I heard was great song that speaks the truth our country, our world today. The songs called Amen and everyone can relate to it. Now, if I could only […]