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I don’t understand the Beatles iTunes hype.

I’m a bit annoyed by the whole Beatles iTunes thing. I just don’t get it and think it’s incredibly over advertised.

When I go to the iTunes Store, I hate seeing all Beatles music. I get that they want to promote it, but do they have to fill up every square inch on the homepage?

Beatles in iTunes

Chances are, if you want Beatles music, then you’ve got Beatles music. Is there anything new here?

Does Apple really think that a band that disbanded in the 70s is worth all this fuss?

To be realistic here, lets look at the top 10 songs. Ohh, no Beatles songs. Looking at the top albums, no Beatles albums there either.

I’d expect more with the front page story, iTunes TV commercial and iTunes homepage takeover.

Hell, Glee probably sells more music in a week than the Beatles does.

I guess I just don’t get the Beatles hype. Yes they changed music. Yes they were great back in the day. But this is 2010 and the best Beatles songs are probably remakes.

That’s just my opinion.

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