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Apple Music isn’t for me; yet.

I tried out Apple Music’s three-month trial and figured out it’s not for me at this time. The best part about Apple Music is being able to ask Siri to play anything. Having Apple Music right at your finger tips is fantastic. It’s also great when I can download any song and add it to...


Paisley Park Memorial Photos

I drive by Paisley Park twice a day and the memorial outside continues to grow. There’s more balloons, more flowers, more gifts, more purple. There’s so much to see when you visit. There are so many trinkets, so many messages, so much love everywhere you look. It’s amazing how Prince’s music has affected so many...


How To Mass Delete iOS Music

I’ve got iTunes Match turned on and every now and then I want to remove a bunch of music from my iPhone. I’m not talking about what’s in iCloud, but what’s been downloaded onto my phone. Most places say that you can only do it one song at a time. I’ve been there, spending hours trying...


Listen to Garth Brooks – People Loving People – New Single!

We’ve been waiting YEARS for new Garth music and it’s finally here! People Loving People should be out on the radio so request it. Now we just need someplace where we can download it. Found it! You can download People Loving People it over at GhostTunes. It doesn’t look like you can buy the song...


Can’t wait till Garth comes back and saves country music.

I’m a big fan of country music, but I’m getting quite annoyed by all the shallow stupid songs that seem to be hits. Recently Yea from Joe Nichols has been over played and the more I hear the song, the more I realized that it’s a horrible song. It’s just about a dude lying to...


Never Gonna Give You Up (mashup)

I love it when people mashup songs and make sweet new versions. Song and video include Rick Astley, Avicii, Chumbawamba, John Travolta, the Fresh Prince, and more!


Daughtry may have lost the rock, but gained much more.

I’ve been a Chris Daughtry fan since American Idol. Yes, I’ll admit it, I use to watch Idol back then. Whenever he has a new music come out, I’m always one of the first to download. However, this time I was not. When I first heard the single Superman, I was disappointed. It wasn’t that...