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How To Mass Delete iOS Music

Delete iTunes MusicI’ve got iTunes Match turned on and every now and then I want to remove a bunch of music from my iPhone. I’m not talking about what’s in iCloud, but what’s been downloaded onto my phone.

Most places say that you can only do it one song at a time. I’ve been there, spending hours trying to remove songs just to save space. Turns out, there’s an easier way.

You can go into albums, genres, or artists, swipe to the left and you’ll be presented with a delete option. Hitting delete will remove any song files in that section from the iPhone, but it’ll leave everything in iCloud.

If you can’t swipe to the left, then the music files aren’t on your iPhone.

I was able to remove all my Holiday music after Christmas by just swiping left on the Holiday genre and all songs were removed from my iPhone. If I had to do it one at a time, I’d have taken all night.

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