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How to Properly Link to an Address on the Web

Ever link an address to a map service? What did you do? Probably just Googled it, copied the link, and pasted it into your phone. Well, that’ll work for some people, but not all. You’re actually creating a big hurdle for the millions of iOS users who don’t have Google Maps on their devices or...


Fix Spotlight Search in iOS 11

When I updated to iOS 11 one of the first things I noticed was that search was broken. I would search for “Ama” and iOS would find Amazon Music but not the Amazon app. I could also search for “Shop” and it couldn’t find the Shopkick app. In these examples, they’d only show if I...


How to mass remove URLs from Google quickly.

Google indexes everything it finds and sometimes it finds things that it shouldn’t. Google has a nice removal tool that temporarily removes URLs from Google and this is actually really good when you want something out rather quickly. In my experiences, it remove pages from Google Search within 24 hours. The downside to Google’s removal tool is...


I made my own HDTV antenna.

Over Thanksgiving I decided to hook up our living room TV to the antenna on the roof. For a long time it was just using Roku and that works for most everything, but I wanted to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade on NBC so I thought I’d get it hooked up. Turn out, I couldn’t....


Clone the WordPress Administrator Role

If you’re looking to create new roles in WordPress, and you’re open to using a plugin, I recommend User Role Editor. It works very well. However, sometimes you don’t need a plugin. If you want to clone the Administrator role and all the capabilities you don’t need a plugin for that. Here’s the code to...


How To Mass Delete iOS Music

I’ve got iTunes Match turned on and every now and then I want to remove a bunch of music from my iPhone. I’m not talking about what’s in iCloud, but what’s been downloaded onto my phone. Most places say that you can only do it one song at a time. I’ve been there, spending hours trying...


How To Get Gmail’s Priority Inbox Back – Guaranteed

Have you tried out Gmail’s new inbox groups? They’re kind of nice, but I’m not a fan of the pre-defined categories. I’d rather see those tabs as some of my labels. That’d be much more productive for me. If you want to switch back to Gmail’s Priority Inbox first click on the gear icon and...