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From Verizon to T-Mobile – My Review

T-Mobile logo on an iPhone screen.We’ve been on T-Mobile for a few months now and I have to say that we’re pretty happy. Sure, T-Mobile isn’t the perfect carrier, but then again, all carriers have their flaws.


The first thing we love is the price. T-Mobile is quite a bit less than Verizon. The amount of money we’re saving by switching is amazing. We were on Verizon for years and we were at their lowest priced plan which is just sad. Money was a big reason we choose T-Mobile.

More Data

Very happy to have unlimited data. Ok, so unlimited is a little subjective as you get a free gig per line and then they slow you down. However, my wife and I were sharing a gig before so this is MUCH better. I’m no longer afraid to use data.

Music Freedom

T-Mobile’s music freedom is pretty awesome too. We can stream Pandora, iTunes Radio, or one of the many others and it doesn’t count against our data. Even better!


T-Mobile’s data coverage isn’t as good as Verizon’s, but we knew that going in. I did the research and where we’re at we’re covered. Where we’re at 99% of the time, we’re covered. I don’t often travel to Montana, Oregon, or the places where data coverage isn’t, so I don’t care. I’m covered where I am and that’s what counts.

Voice coverage is much better, well I think it is. I don’t seem to have any issues and I have a signal most everywhere I go. However, I don’t use my phone much for calling so it’s hard to say.


Billing has been a sore spot for us as it’s always been messed up. To be fair, we have gotten referral credits, changed plans, and trade in credits, so things have been changing quite a bit with our bill, but it’s still never right.

They’ve got a nice online tool, but it just showcases the issues. I can see my bill on three different screens, and they’ll all be different. I eventually just call in and straighten it out. It’s not a huge pain, but still, I’d like to see it correct one of these months.

Customer Service

I’ll admit, I’ve called customer service way more than I feel I should have. However, they’re always really nice and helpful.

The exceptional phone support makes up for the billing issues. They’re always there to help me and they always fix their issues quickly. This is one of the biggest bright spots of T-Mobile and I hope it continues to be exceptional.


Overall our move from Verizon to T-Mobile has been a good thing. The extra money in our account, the extra data on our phones, and the fact that we’re living without a contract is nice. We should have done this long ago.

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  1. Great post! We recently made the switch too. We were able to upgrade our phones and reduce our bill at the same time. Someday we will get all of the billing issues straightened out (early termination fees, phone trade in credits, etc) but we are as happy as you are.

  2. Bryan Logan says:

    We’re with T-Mobile. They did notice that I would get roaming or no signal in my family room and proactively sent me a femto cell to get a better signal. My wife’s phone has Wifi calling, so it’s not an issue for her.

    Yes, the signal is weak in some places, but I figured we could get a pre-paid AT&T sim for the few times we’re in those areas with just one month’s savings.

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