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Can’t wait till Garth comes back and saves country music.

I’m a big fan of country music, but I’m getting quite annoyed by all the shallow stupid songs that seem to be hits.

Recently Yea from Joe Nichols has been over played and the more I hear the song, the more I realized that it’s a horrible song.

It’s just about a dude lying to a girl because he wants to get in her pants. Yea.

Does he like her drink? Nope, but he says yea. Does he like the music? Nope, but he says yea. He’ll agree with anything.

Why is this a hit song?! Why don’t you try to win her over with romance and charm instead of lies?

Sadly, that’s the kind of songs that are hits these days. We’re missing the depth and emotion. Instead we have trucks, girls that shake their ass, and just getting drunk.

Ok, so that’s not always bad. I’m a big fan of Drunk on a Plane. No emotion, but just fun.

It’s not all bad though. Some artists still seem to be trying to keep integrity in country music. Lee Brice and Luke Bryan seem to still be creating music that matters.

I also think that Taylor Swift isn’t bad either. At least she’s writing her own music and puts her heart into it. Some of it even makes me get a little teary¬†eyed.

When Garth returns later this year with new music, I can’t wait to see what it does to country music. He’s already proven that his star power hasn’t faded one bit.

I really hope he comes back and cleans up Nashville because I think they good swift kick in the ass.

Now only if we could get Shania back too! Lets bring back the 90s country!

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