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Clean Out Your iPod With Song Ratings

One Star Rating

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got thousands of songs on your iPod. Some songs are great while others you’re not quite sure why they are on there. No one has the time to sit down and go through them all, so why not mark all the songs you no longer want with one star, and then delete them later?

I’ve been doing this for a few weeks now and it’s working great. I have my iPod playing at work and whenever a song comes on that I no longer want, I rate it with one star. Then, every few days or so, I fire up iTunes, the iPod and ratings sync, I sort them by rating, and then delete all the one star songs. This removes them from my iTunes, iPods and iPad as they are all in sync.

Even if you manually manage your music on you iPod, you can still sort by rating and clear off any one star songs. Downside here is they’ll still be in your iTunes and other i devices.

It’s easy, efficient and a great way to clean the old music off your iPod that you no longer like.

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  1. dave says:

    Since I have a 32GB iPod and 60GB+ of music, I have three smart playlists: one for new music (added in the last two weeks), one for songs I have heard more than 5 times and have no rating (to rate), and one for my four-stars and above songs. I find that works sufficiently well.

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