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What did you do for your babies first birthday?

Eating an early birthday doughnut.

Eating an early birthday doughnut.

Lily’s first birthday is less than a week away now. However, we aren’t doing anything too special. I mean she’s one, she won’t know what’s going on.

One year is a big milestone and we are going to have some cake and the grandparents over, but won’t go all out. When she’s older, and knows what a birthday party is, then we’ll have a lot more going on. But for a one year old, is the party really for her, or is it for the parents?

Maybe we should think of it as a ‘we survived the first year of parenting’ party.

I’ve heard of other people throwing big parties and doing all sorts of festivities and was wondering what you did.

FYI: Lily ate maybe two or three bites of that doughnut. Dad had a few bites and a lot of it ended up on the ground.

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  1. Joe says:

    We’ve traditionally kept it simple with just family over to celebrate.

    Here’s my thoughts on our twins’ first birthday:

  2. spoc says:

    We tryed to keep it simple with just family over. However, a lot of people love my little guy so my house became pretty crowded pretty quickly. It was supposed to be an indoor/outdoor party but unfortunately his birthday is in May and it was a little too chilly to be outside that day. It work out well though. I would suggest having your friends/family bring a dish. It sure helped to not have to prepare EVERYTHING. Plus, If Lily is anything like Gabe, She already has more toys than she really needs.

    Here’s how his birthday went. Youtube link:

  3. Jessica says:

    Hey , I prefer to celebrate with my relatives and friends , But I have seen people who generally like to throw a big party. Those party became crowded as Spoc say above.

    And Yes it vary from person to person


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