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Just a dad sharing his experiences raising a little girl; and a lot of photos.

Into the Unknown – Wolf Ridge Winter Camping

This week Lily and I are headed to Wolf Ridge with her class to take in nature. We’ll be spending most of our day outdoors doing winter things. Nothing like spending all day outdoors in Northern MN in the middle of January. I’ve talked to a few people who have gone in past years and, […]

I’m in the Snappy Chats and Tickedy Tocks.

I’ve actually had Snapchat and TikTok for years, but never really used them. Now that my daughter is in middle school, all her friends are on them, and she wanted to check them out too. So I re-downloaded the apps and am up and running again just so I can help her out and stay […]

We built a treehouse!

During the summer of COVID my family and I had time to build a tree house. I’m not the most talented in the area of building things, but, with a little bit of help, we were able to accomplish it! A huge thanks goes out to my neighbors who let me borrow tools, helped haul […]

First day of online school!

Lily now has school online thanks to our nations pandemic. However, she’s in one of the best rooms in the house, has her cat to keep her company, and snacks are close by. Doesn’t sound too shabby!

5th Grade – Let’s Do This

Time just keeps marching on and Lily started 5th grade this year. Last year our school moved the 5th grade to the middle school so now she’s a middle schooler. I still can’t quite comprehend that. Now that she’s in 5th grade she’s required to have her own Chromebook, a trapper keeper, has a band […]

Super Father’s Day

For Father’s Day, my daughter made me a super gift. Six jars, all super hero themed and filled with different items. Ironman – Almond M&Ms Thor – Cheesy Chex Mix Batman – Lemonade Drink Mix Captain America – Junior Mints Flash – Hot Tamales Spiderman – DQ Gift Card It was a very cool idea […]

Fun at the Park

There’s a lot of parks in our old town and we visited one of our favorites tonight. The “castle park” at Bayview Elementary in Waconia is always fun even if we’re a bit bigger now.