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Into the Unknown – Wolf Ridge Winter Camping

Winter scene of trees and cross country skiing paths.

This week Lily and I are headed to Wolf Ridge with her class to take in nature. We’ll be spending most of our day outdoors doing winter things. Nothing like spending all day outdoors in Northern MN in the middle of January.

I’ve talked to a few people who have gone in past years and, from what I hear, it’s a lot of fun, but also completely exhausting. Days are packed with activities and it’s a lot of work. We make some great memories though.

One of the biggest challenges is no technology. The kids aren’t allowed phones and even though the chaperones might get to have their phones, there isn’t much time to use them. Plus even if you did have time, there’s little to no coverage from what I’ve heard. So little to no internet all week!

Should be an interesting week ahead of me and hopefully these kids don’t drive me crazy.

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