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Lily and I went on a 14 mile bike ride!

black and white hardtail bike on brown road between trees
Bicycle Photo by Philipp M on

About once a year, my daughter likes to go on a really long bike ride. The first time was a fluke. We went on a bike ride and ended up going nearly 13 miles. We weren’t thinking we were going so far, but it was fun.

The second time we went on the same ride and ensured we hit 13 miles, however we didn’t plan well. We didn’t take water with us, went at the end of the day, and just didn’t think it through well.

This year, she wanted to go farther, and her goal was 14 miles. We took a different route, one that I requested was flat, and went early in the morning. We took food and water and were much better prepared this time around. 

We hit our 14-mile goal, but can’t say it was much easier, however I don’t think we would have made it without water and breaks. The only thing we didn’t do, that we probably should have, was work up to the 14 miles. Earlier in the summer, we may have gone a mile or so, but nowhere near 14.

Next year I’m sure she’ll ask for 15 miles, and for that I definitely need a new bike seat and/or padded bike shorts. Sure, the 14 miles took a lot of work, but my butt complained way more than my legs.

It’s a bit crazy to go that far without much preparation, but it feels good to have accomplished the ride.

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