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This combined micro USB and lightning cable breaks my brain.

Multi Port Charging Cable

My father-in-law brought me a multi-use USB cable that he got free at some conference. It has one USB-A end, one USB-C end, and one combined micro USB and lightning cable. That’s right, combined! How on earth did they combine a micro USB and lightning cable?!

When I first looked at the gadget, I didn’t think it had micro USB. Then I read the little instructions, and I was confused. I was skeptical that it’d do what it says, as I’ve never heard of such a thing.

Combined Micro USB and Lightning Cable

I was pretty sure it was too good to be true, but tried it, and it worked. It really worked! Both the iPhone and powerbank that I plugged in charged. Two different ports worked with one cable just by turning it over. This little gadget actually worked, even though I have no idea how.

This little gadget is pretty handy, has all the necessary cables, and fits in my pocket. I’m impressed that it actually works and that I’ve never seen anything that has combined micro USB and lightning cables before.

Still hurts my brain though as it seems like it shouldn’t work!

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