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This combined micro USB and lightning cable breaks my brain.

My father-in-law brought me a multi-use USB cable that he got free at some conference. It has one USB-A end, one USB-C end, and one combined micro USB and lightning cable. That’s right, combined! How on earth did they combine a micro USB and lightning cable?! When I first looked at the gadget, I didn’t […]

Reddit Secret Santa Was Awesome

This year I participated in my first Reddit Secret Santa gift exchange. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect out of it, but thought it was worth a try. Turns out, it was great. Now I didn’t get Bill Gates as my secret Santa, but the person who got me made me very happy. They got me […]

Post to multiple Twitter accounts at once with TweetCaster on mobile.

Managing multiple Twitter accounts is easy if you’re just looking for an app to log-in to multiple Twitter accounts and switch between them. However, finding one app to manage multiple Twitter accounts, and share the same update across multiple accounts, is harder. Turns out TweetCaster lets you accomplish this. Now I know what you’re thinking, why do you want to […]

SimCity BuildIt Is As Amazing As I Remember

Back in the late 90s early 00s I remember playing SimCity. I spent hours building my cities and watching them get distorted by fire, tornadoes, and aliens. Then yesterday, I downloaded SimCity BuildIt and I’m addicted once again. SimCity BuildIt is available on iOS and Android and it’s pretty much the same game as I remember, […]

Chromebook. A Six Month Review

I’ve had my little Chromebook for about six months now and I have to say that it’s a great little laptop if you just need to browse the web and check email. Really, my feelings haven’t changed much since my first Chromebook review. This laptop would be great for my mom. It works well for email […]

Android apps for Chromebooks are one hot mess.

I was excited when they said that Chromebooks were going to get real apps, Android apps, and today they released a few. I quickly downloaded Evernote and it turns out it’s very rough around the edges and not ready for users. The first time I tried to download Evernote, it failed. Second try worked. First launch […]

Chromebook Review – I want more!

I was given the opportunity to get a Chromebook as part of my job at work and I graciously accepted. I’m always into trying out new technology and I do like the Google. However, Chromebooks are bit harder to get use to than I thought they’d be. Chromebooks are just Chrome. That’s it. Whereas this […]

When you run out of Dropbox space, try Copy. A great alternative.

I have Dropbox and I love it. It’s my goto for storing and syncing files to the cloud. Even though I’ve been able to rack up some additional free space on Dropbox, it’s still pretty lacking in the free space department. There are a lot of other options but Copy is quickly becoming one of […]

Facebook Home – Facebook’s Android Announcement

There is lots of buzz on the internet right now about Facebook’s Home app. The basics: Facebook Home is an application that puts people first, apps second. It’s not a phone, although Facebook partnered with HTC and ATT to build phones that are built around Facebook Home. Facebook now has ‘Cover Feed’ this is the […]

Why you should drop the mobile plugin from your WordPress site.

Every day someone is asking me about responsive WordPress themes. There is a huge push towards mobile friendly everything which is good if done right. If you’re just starting to re-design your site, then I defiantly think that you should keep mobile in mind from the very beginning. That can be by picking a theme that is […]