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Post to multiple Twitter accounts at once with TweetCaster on mobile.

Multiple Twitter Accounts

Managing multiple Twitter accounts is easy if you’re just looking for an app to log-in to multiple Twitter accounts and switch between them. However, finding one app to manage multiple Twitter accounts, and share the same update across multiple accounts, is harder. Turns out TweetCaster lets you accomplish this.

Now I know what you’re thinking, why do you want to share the same message on multiple accounts? Usually this is a bad idea, but sometimes, it works.

With the multiple weather accounts I manage, I don’t expect users to subscribe to all of them, just their county. However, when I send out a message, usually they all get the same message. I’ve been managing this quite well with TweetDeck on desktop, but there is no mobile version of TweetDeck.

TweetCaster works really well. It may not be the most feature rich Twitter app out there, but it does contain that one feature that no-one else does. To make it even better, it’s free, has no limitations on the number of accounts you setup, and you can share to other social networks as well.

Just be responsible with this information. No one likes a spammer. 🙂

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