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How to customize your MIUI ringtone.

I’m really liking MIUI on my Android, but I had a hard time setting my default ringtone. Seems that you need to set it in your theme’s settings, not your systems settings. Go to your themes app, edit theme, select ringtone and save. Seems a bit backwards to me, but it works!


Rooting and Un-Rooting my Droid Incredible.

Rooting my Droid Incredible was one of those geeky things I really wanted to do. I didn’t have a good reason, I just thought it’d be cool. So I did it; then I tried to un-do it. Rooting my phone was really easy thanks to the unrevoked3 recovery reflash tool. All I had to do was […]


Easily increase your HTC Droid Incredible battery life

My wife and I have HTC Droid Incredibles and the battery life is far from great. With nearly nothing on my wife’s phone, it wouldn’t last an entire day. Even with minimal use. After a lot of searching and testing, it turns out that the Facebook for HTC Sense app is the main problem. It’s […]


What’s a good keyboard replacement for Android?

One of the things that bugs me most about my Android phone is the keyboard. It just doesn’t seem to be nearly as good as Apple’s. I’m not sure if it’s because Android’s keyboard has more keys on it, because they are closer together, or if it’s the touch screen, but it’s giving me a hard time. The […]