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Flashed Miui onto my Droid Incredible

I’m not a huge Android fan but I do have an Android phone that I want to love. I’m a Google fan, but the phone has not been as good as I thought it should be. I think the real issue with Android is the fact that carriers modify it. Once Google releases an update […]

Rooting and Un-Rooting my Droid Incredible.

Rooting my Droid Incredible was one of those geeky things I really wanted to do. I didn’t have a good reason, I just thought it’d be cool. So I did it; then I tried to un-do it. Rooting my phone was really easy thanks to the unrevoked3 recovery reflash tool. All I had to do was […]

Playing with my phone’s camera filters.

I’m a fan of Camera360 on Android but I hadn’t played with to many filters until tonight. Turns out, I can take some pretty cool photos without any editing.

Easily increase your HTC Droid Incredible battery life

My wife and I have HTC Droid Incredibles and the battery life is far from great. With nearly nothing on my wife’s phone, it wouldn’t last an entire day. Even with minimal use. After a lot of searching and testing, it turns out that the Facebook for HTC Sense app is the main problem. It’s […]

Google Music vs Amazon Cloud Player – A quick review.

I’ve been testing out both Google Music and Amazon Cloud Player and have to say that they are both nice services. Below are my pros and cons of each service after some initial testing. Price: Google Music – Free (for now) Amazon Cloud Player – First 5 gigs are free, after that it’ll cost. Tip Uploading: Google […]

SwiftKey is my choice for an Android keyboard replacement.

About a month ago I started looking for a keyboard replacement for my HTC Incredible. I tried a few different apps and have decided that SwiftKey works best for me. What I like about SwiftKey is it tries to predict what I’m writing. It suggests the next logical word in my sentences and it does […]

What’s a good keyboard replacement for Android?

One of the things that bugs me most about my Android phone is the keyboard. It just doesn’t seem to be nearly as good as Apple’s. I’m not sure if it’s because Android’s keyboard has more keys on it, because they are closer together, or if it’s the touch screen, but it’s giving me a hard time. The […]

The Things I Love About My Android Phone

It’s been just over two months since I got my Android phone and there are things I love, and things I don’t like so much. Here are just a few things I love. Widgets Having the ability to get information out of an app without opening it is great. I can turn see the status […]

Fix the HTC/Droid Null Error in Facebook

When I got my Droid Incredible a few weeks back, it came with Facebook pre-installed. So I just started using it. Then I started getting null errors when I tried to refresh or load content. There was no rhyme or reason either and it didn’t happen all the time. AN ERROR HAS OCCURRED WHILE FETCHING […]