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Looking for a good Android camera app.


Something with cool filters and special effects to make my lame pictures awesome.

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  1. Erick says:

    Picplz is a quick and simple app.I guess similar to Instagram

    Vignette is like the nerd version; way more filters than you could use. Paid app

    hope that helps.

  2. Jamie D says:

    Doesn’t your built in HTC camera app have some pretty decent filters? The one on my Thunderbolt does and they are both running a recent version of sense. Otherwise I use PicSay Pro to add effects after taking the shot. I have tested Camera 360 and Vignette and both do a good job at applying filters while taking the picture. Hope that helps!

  3. Thomas says:

    Than for the suggestions. I like adding filters after I take my photos as I never know what filter I’m going to want.

    I also didn’t realize my HTC had filters, however I think they are not as easy to use as PicSay.

    I was looking at Vignette (new version) too and almost bought it. With that one, can I apply the filters afterwards?

  4. Erick says:

    Yeah you can. After you take a picture, you hit the menu button and press “effects.” It’s too bad you only get 15 minutes to return an app to the market instead of a day like it used to be so you could try it out.

  5. Walter says:

    I’am using Little Photo, it’s lightweight app. Maybe not so functional as Vignette, but it’s very easy and quick to edit photo and then submit it to twitter. I have both on my device but uses mostly Little Photo. Hmm.. find only one link about it:
    Think you may just try it.

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