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Are iPhones really that fragile?

We’re now proud owners of iPhones! I was actually able to walk into a Verizon store and get an iPhone 5 on Saturday. My wife has a 4S. One of the things the Verizon guy told us was that the iPhone 4s was extremely fragile. Dropping it from 3 feet would make it explode. He […]

How to control your Android’s ringtone and notification volumes separately.

I hate when people’s phones rings at work. Especially since it usually happens when they’re not at their desk. I think that phones should be silent so they don’t bother everyone else. However, on the flip side, I like to have alerts on so that things like calendar notifications remind me of when my next meeting is. […]

Common cell phone myths that kids these days just don’t understand.

It seems that everyone has a cell phone these days. It also seems that may believe things that just aren’t true about their phones. Here are a few things I’d like to clarify. Myth: You can only take profile pictures with your cell phone and a mirror in the bathroom. Not true at all. You can […]

Android ROMs kind of suck and are kind of awesome at the same time.

I’m not sure if I should love or hate ROMs on Android. It seems that every other week or so I find a new cool ROM to install. Then I waste the next few hours, or days, getting it installed and configured like I want. This is kind of awesome because I’m not limited. I […]

Using AdWords to get 16 gigs of Dropbox space for free works perfectly!

If you’ve got Drobox, then you know that you can get 500 MB of free space by referring friends; up to 16 GB. The problem is that all your friends probably already know about Dropbox. So what can you do? Reach out to strangers via Google AdWords. Using AdWords to get free Dropbox space has been […]

I’ve removed Facebook and Twitter from my phone.

In my quest to make my Android perform better I decided to try uninstalling both the official Facebook and Twitter apps from my phone. My Droid Incredible only has 412 MBs of memory with about 80 free MBs. I really don’t understand where it’s all going. Most of it goes to the system, I think, […]

Do people like Instragram for the photos or for the social network?

Instagram is one of those applications that has made it big but it kind of makes you wonder why. All it does is take a picture, put a filter on it and share it. It’s not a camera, it’s not a photo editor, all it does is put filters on photos. But it’s worth a billion […]

Get more DropBox space AND be better prepared for a disaster.

Who loves DropBox and who wants more free space? Well everyone that uses DropBox of course. And who has cataloged the contents of their house for insurances purposes? Probably not many. Turns out, that you can do both right now. DropBox is beta testing a new version of their Android app that auto syncs photos […]

How to customize your MIUI ringtone.

I’m really liking MIUI on my Android, but I had a hard time setting my default ringtone. Seems that you need to set it in your theme’s settings, not your systems settings. Go to your themes app, edit theme, select ringtone and save. Seems a bit backwards to me, but it works!