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I’ve removed Facebook and Twitter from my phone.

Social Media Icons UninstallIn my quest to make my Android perform better I decided to try uninstalling both the official Facebook and Twitter apps from my phone.

My Droid Incredible only has 412 MBs of memory with about 80 free MBs. I really don’t understand where it’s all going. Most of it goes to the system, I think, and when I open up the task manager, Facebook is often using up more than 40 MBs and that just wasn’t worth it.

It turns out however that both Facebook and Twitter have great mobile websites. For Twitter, visiting on your phone brings up the mobile site and it looks identical to the phone app. Facebook on the other hand looks like hell if you bring it up on your phone, but changing it to brings up the nice mobile app with only a few minor oddities.

So instead of apps I now have bookmarks. They work great and the only thing I really lose out on is push notifications.

Now it’s not like I don’t have Twitter and Facebook apps on my phone, I just don’t have the official apps. I’ve chosen to go with Friendcaster and TweetCaster as they seem to be more feature rich and memory friendly.

Actually I’m quite impressed with the mobile sites for Twitter and Facebook. I hope other apps can follow in their footsteps and create mobile sites that are much more than just an ugly striped down version of the main site.


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