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Echofon for Mac returns from the Twitter deadpool.

Back in October, Echofon released a statement saying that they were ending support for their Mac Twitter application. They had no plans on updating to Twitter’s API version 1.1 and so it’s days were numbered. However, just today, they quietly updated the desktop app with API 1.1 support so it’ll live on. Not only did […]


Is it: Internet FTW or WTF?

Every day there are three things I have to check out. First, what’s up on Twitter. So many tidbits of information, links and pictures. Then I head over to Facebook to see how those kids are doing. And no day is complete without posting something to one of my many WordPress blogs. Since Facebook, Twitter […]


Twitter has a job opening for a unicorn slayer.

Did you see Twitter’s awesome recruiting video? I have to say, it got my attention because it’s cheesy awesome. While listing open jobs, I noticed that they are even hiring a unicorn slayer. Now I think that may be illegal, with them being endangered and all, but you don’t find that job to many places. I think I’m going to stay at […]


Archiving tweets for future reference.

How many times have you shared something on Twitter and then tried to find that tweet again a week or two later? But you couldn’t. Happens to me all the time. I share a lot of things on Twitter that I find handy. Good tutorials, new software, Stack Overflow solutions, news & events, and chances […]