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All You Need To Know About Social Media [pict]

Have you ever wondered the difference between Facebook, Twitter and MySpace?  Well has just the answer for you. It seems that Facebook is a combo of narcissism and stalking where MySpace is narcissism and ADHD. Twitter on the other hand has all three! Go Twitter! If you’d like, makes this print available on […]


Subscribe to Blog On A Stick on Twitter

Have you heard? RSS is dead. Well, honestly, I don’t think that will happen anytime soon. Either way, I decided that I might as well create a Twitter account for my blog for those who use Twitter for just about everything. If you’d like to, you can follow Blog On A Stick on Twitter and […]


14 Mac Only Twitter Applications

There are no shortage of Twitter applications out there. Each client seems to have a slightly different feature set too. I’ve tried a lot of them and below is a list of good Twitter applications that have been built for the Mac.  No Adobe Air suggestions here, and most are available only on the Mac. […]


See Twice As Much In TwitterFox By Making It Taller.

I’ve recently started using TwitterFox with my work Twitter account.  I love how its compact, looks great and is easy to access.  What I didn’t like was the fact that I could only see 5 recent posts when I had so much more screen space.  So I made it taller. It just took a few […]


Get Weather Alerts via Twitter

Lets face it, some of us are on Twitter more than we are paying attention to most other forms of communication. We can tell you what was recently blogged, but we sometimes have no idea what’s going on outside our window with the weather. Wouldn’t it be nice to get them to come to you, […]

More Firefox Sidebar

I’ve become a fan of and its mass notification abilities.  However, I wanted to update my status without navigating away from the page I was on.  So I created the Mobile Sidebar for Firefox. Much like my many other Firefox sidebars, it simply works as a shortcut to access the mobile version […]


Twitterkeys Work Great in Plurk and Other Social Communities

Have you heard about Twitterkeys?  It’s a site that puts together a list of special characters that you can just copy and paste and put into a Twitter post. Where as they are marketing to Twitter, these symbols work great for Plurk, ReJaw, Facebook, email or whatever you want to use them with. Twitterkeys offers […]


Todo – A Great Little iPod Task List

I’ve been waiting and waiting for the Apple App Store.  One of the items I really wanted was a checklist so I could keep track of things I needed at the store and tasks to be done, all without being connected to the internet.  Now I have that in Todo. Todo is a $10 application […]