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14 Super Simple Ways to Get Things Done GTD

GTD iMacWith everyone so obsessed with getting things done (GTD) I thought I’d share a few easy tips to get started on getting things done today.

  1. Stop Twittering. Only your stalkers need to know your every move.
  2. Turn of instant messaging. *bleep* Can you help me? *bleep* Can you fix this. *bleep* Are you ignoring me?
  3. Stop checking your email every 5 minutes. Email will come as long as you check it, so just ignore it for at least 15 minutes. Props go out to those that can turn it off for an hour.
  4. Stop blogging everything you can think of. Blog blog blog bla bla bla.
  5. Stop checking out MySpace, FaceBook or one of the other social networks. Yes, you have friends. But real friends will let you get things done.
  6. Stop looking at YouTube. Yes it’s fantastic, but you’ll easily loose 30 minutes watching a cat do who knows what.
  7. Turn off your RSS reader & notifications. Don’t worry, they will all be waiting for you when you’re ready.
  8. Stop looking at your web stats. They won’t go down if you’re not looking. Honest.
  9. Stop looking at your affiliate accounts. You probably waste more money looking to see if you earned a quarter than if you actually worked on something else.
  10. Stop reading the news sites. News happens every second of ever day and most of it will be on the web for years to come.
  11. Turn off your cell phone. Or at least stop answering it if it’s not your wife.
  12. Close your door and keep others out. They may not bother you they don’t see you.
  13. Put the cat or dog outside. Unless they just sleep on you while you work, they are more than likely to needy.
  14. Stop checking out the latest GTD application or ‘how to GTD’ list and start doing something!

Got something simple to add to the list? Post it below or make a post on your site and link back here. 🙂

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